Preventative Boiler Products


as a professional, gas qualified  engineer, i often recommend products to my clients as a way of ensuring they make the most of their boiler and their central heating system. these filtration products are designed to prevent emergency call outs for boiler and central heating repairs, thus saving you money. additionally they also meet all of the requirements for uk homes in terms of energy efficiency and will prolong the life of your boiler, the pump and heat exchanger.


two of the most popular products and the ones i feel give the best results are the magnaclean and the spirotrap – both products help to clean the water entering your central heating system, preventing blockages and ensuring your boiler runs efficiently and safely. the main features of these products are the following:


  • Effective filtration using magnets and non-magnetic systems. This will effectively reduce the amount of dirt entering your system and clogging up the central heating system.
  • Easy to install and service. The slimline designs fit easily onto your pipework. Can be serviced annually by a gas engineer.
  • Savings of up to 6% on your energy bills per year, reducing carbon emissions. This has been independently tested and verified.
  • Guaranteed and designed to be long lasting with the correct maintenance.


ask us about the best product for your system.

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