Boiler Servicing

 红包扫雷app有福利的One of the most important ways you can ensure the long life and efficient running of your boiler is by having it serviced on a regular basis. Ivangas offers boiler servicing on an annual basis and we can provide certificates to show that your boiler has met all of the current safety and efficiency guidelines required


Why does my boiler need to be serviced?

 there are two main reasons why you would want your boiler to be serviced on a regular basis. safety and efficiency.


 after spending a substantial amount of money on your boiler, you want to make sure that it will run correctly throughout its full lifetime and that you continue to make savings on your energy bills even as the boiler gets older. your boiler could account for as much as 55% of your overall energy bills, so having a boiler that is running well is important.

 if you replace a boiler that is more than ten years old, you can expect to save significant amounts of money on your heating bills – simply because your new boiler will use the energy produced more efficiently. new boilers are all condensing and tend to use up almost all of the energy produced, compared to older boilers that may have been just 70% efficient.


红包扫雷app有福利的whether your boiler is older or new, it needs to be kept in good condition to maintain these efficiency levels.




红包扫雷app有福利的unfortunately deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning still occur in the uk, despite safety guidelines being in place with regard to boiler installation. the escape of gas from your boiler can happen for a number of reasons, but the age and condition of the boiler is a major factor. your boiler may have unsafe emissions levels or the gas pressure may not be correct for the system.


if you have recently moved into your property, you may not be aware of who installed your boiler. despite the corgi and gas safe registration systems being in place for many years, some homeowners are still choosing to save money by having their boilers illegally installed. a check of your boiler by a qualified engineer will allow you to rest easy. we also recommend that you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed close to your boiler.


What will my boiler service involve?


your boiler service will be carried out by a qualified gas safe registered professional and you will be issued with a certificate of safety to show the work that has been completed. if there are any issues that need to be taken care of we will inform you of the cost and how long it will take and get your approval before the work is performed.


not all work on your boiler will be critical, but we like to undertake preventative work when needed to ensure you are getting the most from your boiler and to prevent it from breaking down just when you need it.


as part of our basic servicing package we will carry out the following tests and checks:


  • Your boiler will be fired up to ensure it is working correctly – a visual check will be performed.
  • The casing will be removed and all the main components will be checked.
  • The flue components will be checked for obstructions and correct sealing.
  • The gas valve will be checked and adjusted to ensure efficient combustion using a flue gas analyser.
  • Your boiler will be cleaned including the interior parts and the casing.
  • The boiler will be tested for leakages and the casing will be correctly sealed.


depending on your boiler type and your central heating system, more intensive checks may be required. we may also recommend certain products such as the spiro tech or the  magna clean to ensure the long life of your boiler.