Energy-saving features

the nest learning thermostat offers several features that help users save energy: auto-schedule, auto- away, time-to-temperature, true radiant, the nest leaf, energy history and report, and remote control using the nest app.


the nest thermostat automatically learns customers’ schedules and preferences based on their selected temperatures. through the automatic learning algorithm, the thermostat creates a setback schedule that uses a lower temperature setting when people are away or asleep, providing energy savings without compromising comfort.

Auto-Away and Away mode

红包扫雷app有福利的auto-away detects when users leave the house, whether for several hours or several days. sensor data is interpreted by algorithms to provide a confidence determination of the home's occupancy. when the confidence level is high, auto-away overrides the existing schedule to save energy. during away periods, the heating setpoint (target temperature) is reduced to a user-selected value where efficiency gains can be realized. away mode can also be set manually on the thermostat, or remotely using the nest apps. even if auto-away is deactivated, customers can use remote control to save energy while out of the house.


红包扫雷app有福利的the time-to-temperature feature calculates and displays in real-time an estimated time to reach the set temperature. people often set a very high temperature hoping to hurry their heating, but this behavior is inefficient. time-to-temperature assures the customer and discourages wasteful behavior.

True Radiant

红包扫雷app有福利的true radiant uses time-to-temperature to decide when heating should begin, in order to reach desired temperatures according to the nest thermostat’s schedule. the learning algorithm accurately determines when to turn on heating to reach the right temperature at the right time, based on information about the home, the heating system and the weather. this feature can save a significant amount of energy.


红包扫雷app有福利的the nest thermostat encourages users to select energy-efficient temperatures by displaying a green nest leaf icon whenever those settings are reached. efficient temperatures are specific to each household, based on the home, schedule and habits of the family.

Energy History and Report Energy

history displays a comparison of the last ten days of heating usage to a running ten day average, letting users know how much they used and why. by revealing the factors affecting their energy consumption, energy history helps users understand how they can save even more energy. nest energy report is a monthly email sent to each customer with a connected nest thermostat that summarizes the previous month’s heating usage, providing tips on saving energy. by comparing users to their peers, and to their own usage from month to month, customers are encouraged to be more efficient.

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