the benefits of surestop

as much you hope that it will never happen to you, burst pipes are common and they cause hundreds of millions of pounds of damage to homes across the uk every year. the effects of a water leak can be devastating and can destroy not just your home's internal fixtures and fittings but your treasured personal possessions too. that's why it's essential that if disaster does strike, you're able to turn your water supply off as quickly as possible.

stop water damage quickly

红包扫雷app有福利的most homes are fitted with brass stopcocks that control their water supply. however, as many as one in three people don't even know where this tap is within their property or how to turn it off if they had a burst pipe. what's more, in many cases, brass stop cocks are in poor working order and fail to function as they should. this is worrying when you consider that turning the stopcock off is the only way to protect your home in the event of a burst pipe or leak. for this reason, many people are investing in surestop. surestop allows you to turn your water off with the flick of a switch. the switch operates on water pressure and so doesn't require electric to function. it allows anyone to switch off their mains water quickly and easily via the simple press of a button.

红包扫雷app有福利的easy to access and simple to operate

红包扫雷app有福利的unlike stopcocks, which are all too often installed in inaccessible locations within the home and are difficult to operate, surestop provides a better alternative. when it comes to shutting off your water supply in the event of an emergency, surestop requires just a quick flick of a switch. this is ideal for older people who may struggle to access their stopcock (which are usually installed in the most ridiculous places within a home) or those who live in small flats who simply can't access the cupboard where the tap is located.

an essential investment

红包扫雷app有福利的most people don't think about protecting their home until a problem has affected them. for example, you may not invest in a security alarm until your home has been the victim of a burglary. it's the same with protecting your home from water damage. you may be unlikely to consider switching from a traditional brass stopcock to the more efficient surestop until your home suffers the effects of a burst pipe or leak. to protect your home from water damage, it makes sense to invest in surestop. in a period when burst pipes and water leaks now cost the uk insurance industry more than claims for burglary or fire, it really is time to say goodbye to the stopcock and hello to surestop.